Destiny College

Destiny College

Destiny College is an International Christian Leadership Academy, existing to equip and release people to fulfil their God-given potential and purpose in life.

The Destiny College lecturers are active practitioners in their field and, therefore, you can be guaranteed excellent, relevant and current input as you journey with your class through your time at the college. Destiny College is based in Glasgow where students attend the classes, however, for students further afield there is the option to join the classes online. If you are interested in finding out more, following are the contact details:


0141 552 9823



A message from the Principals of Destiny College, Pastors Andrew and Sue Owen

We believe that this Bible College and Christian Leadership Academy is a God-given tool to raise up individuals who will shape not only their own future, but also that of hundreds and thousands of others in desperate need of Jesus Christ. Over the years it has been our huge privilege to train and disciple men and women of so many ages, nationalities and church backgrounds – and our great joy to see them making a real and significant impact in towns and cities across the world.

In every generation, there are a few like these who will step up and give everything for God. Are you one of them?
We hope that as you browse this website, you will gain some insight into the things that we are passionate about. It is our firm belief that God has a unique and awesome purpose for your life and our hope is that we can equip you to achieve it. We’d love you to join us here at some point in the future.

Best Wishes
Andrew and Sue Owen